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released November 16, 2014

Recorded by Jalipaz Nelson at Audioconfusion in Mesa, Arizona.
Additional recordings by Jon Terpstra in Austin, Texas.
Album artwork done by Aaron Goldman



all rights reserved


Free Kittens & Bread Texas

Americana/Indie/Punk band from Austin TX. Making music, not babies.

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Track Name: Graveyard Prayer
Listen to the blood as it drips down my neck
I sing a song of happiness to never forget
All the roses I placed upon your grave won’t bring you back home,
but I can pray for peace instead of regret

Please tell me the mystery of life and death and everything between
Will I find happiness around my neck or a place in the machine?
I’ll leave you one last rose for listening,
a foot print for the missing,
give a second thought to living
then I’ll pray for you and me
I can’t survive with everything
Survive with everything
I can’t survive with everything
Track Name: Beginnings
On the side of the road in some state next to mine,
You had a guitar over your shoulder, you were walking white lines
I got out of the side of my car and I said, “hey there,
are you looking for a ride? I’ll take you anywhere”
You stopped
You looked
We spoke and I left
And quite frankly I’d like to keep it at that

In a coffee shop downtown near the railroad tracks
You worked an early morning shift when the dawn would crack
I strode in gallantly and looked right in your eyes
You took a smoke break to come and sit by my side
You smoked
I looked
We talked and I left
And quite frankly I’d like to keep it at that

We made plans for a get-together out in the sticks
Where we looked into each other’s souls for a minute
As the stars gazed and with the heat of the fire,
Like all good men before me I stumbled straight into desire
You shivered
I covered
We kissed and I left
And quite frankly I’d like to keep it at that

Well every story has an end
but I tend to prefer where it begins
And we can never retract
but we look forward and then we look back
I guess I’ll keep it at that
Track Name: Wishful Thinking
Drop down from the skies and give me softly spoken superstition
I need a call to action even if it isn’t wisdom
Cantankerous and solemn, wish I was someone I’m not
I’m wanting things I never needed, needing things I never sought

Catastrophic blasphemy, I found you in a lie
Why don’t you try on something solid? Give me lightning in my eyes
Finding peace is so much harder when you lose your peace of mind
I’ll hold my breath on wishful thinking till you stop this heart of mine

There’s nothing that I can’t take
If there’s nothing that you can give to me

Owning up to gravity would level all the plains
Somewhere in the dirty depths we're all a bit deranged
Track Name: Motion Blues
Life is too fast, so fast it makes me sick
Motion sickness fills me up in the backseat where I sit
The nights that you regret become the nights that you will miss
With every missing turn, there comes another in our midst

Speed is definition of how every person lives
Speed is something that you can't stop
It's a constant that exists
All I got are blurry images
Smears of color darkening with the time passing under it
So I black out from time to time and
I don't look back when I've crossed the line
Every step I take is just a recollection in my mind

All I feel is the wind passing over my skin
Can you believe this is it?
Track Name: Puppet On A String
Waking up in a cold sweat
Guess this means I’m not better yet
There must be some kind of learning to these dreams

Little thoughts in my little head
seem much bigger in my little bed
contemplating forever in a moment

Panic attacks when the dawn cracks
Having second thoughts on where I’m at
What an eerie sense of home

I am unsure
So uncertain
What I don’t know I am cursing
Will this feeling ever go?
I don’t know

As I dangle from a string,
I wonder what thing dangles me
A puppeteer I am told
I am bound by what my future holds
Track Name: Mr. Amnesia
I cried while I sang to kill the impulses to my brain
and I sang all the words that I knew that would keep it away
I drove through the night to keep the ambulances out of sight
and I drove down next to the old dirt road that we knew
Now I don't remember anything at all
I don't remember anything at all

I got a taste in my mouth that is something more than bitter
You wanted me to quit but I'm not a quitter, I'm a sinner
Yeah that's what you said
Now I don't remember anything at all
I don't remember anything at all

I didn't mean to be such a fuck up, you know
I was willing to risk everything that I am to tell you something's wrong
I guess the decision that I made was the dagger from the start
That was torn from my hands and met true to my heart
I will take my regrets in a box and I'll go
I don't remember anything at all